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One of the benefits of ProgClub membership is free web-hosting on ProgClub MemberNet. To create your member web-pages SSH to progclub.net, login, and create a 'public_html' directory in your home directory. Put your web content (e.g. your HTML or PHP files) in the 'public_html' directory, and you will have a web-site available from MemberNet:

If you're new to web-standards like HTML and CSS -- or if you're just starting out with PHP -- and you find those instructions confusing, then speak to John and he'll help get you on your feet.

Tips for member web-pages

There are a few things you can do with your member web-page(s) to integrate well with ProgClub and MemberNet. Somewhere in your navigation include links back to:


ProgClub used to operate a network called MobileNet which was on the web at https://progclub.mobi/ but it was never seriously used and has been disbanded.

Copying web content from Windows

If you're using the Microsoft Windows operating system and have some PHP/HTML/CSS/graphics files that you'd like to copy into your 'public_html' directory, check out the free WinSCP utility. It even integrates with PuTTY's pageant utility if you've set up private key authentication.