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This is the ProgClub news for the year 2013. Latest news goes on top.


Revised Comms Bonus

The Comms Bonus terms have been modified. I was thinking about scraping the scheme altogether but figured it wouldn't hurt to let it live on in a diminished capacity. Now rather than having up to five members for $200 every six months we have one member for $100 every year. Funds saved from the Comms Bonus will go towards events such as the Anniversary Party and Christmas Drinks (which is a more sociable allocation of resources).


New project: psweb

There's a new project at ProgClub called 'psweb'. The psweb software provides the www.personalserver.com website. See the programming list for notes.


New members!

ProgClub welcomes dirt, Curious, Chris, tadeusz, OdeToCode and Plasma!


Happy 2nd birthday

Today ProgClub turned two years old. Onwards and upwards!

Pcrego released

Pcrego, the club's registration system, was released into production today. Now new members can apply on line and administrators receive customized user activation instructions. Thanks to [[User:Brock|] for his help.


New project: pcwebstats for HTTP statistics collection and reporting

There's a new project at ProgClub for collecting HTTP statistics. See the announcement or the project page for details.


Back in action!

John has been in hospital for the last 8 months or so. While he was gone some of the servers crashed and were non-operational for a few months. Apologies for the interruption and now we will return to our regular programming.

New project: pcrego for member registration

A new project, pcrego has been started at ProgClub. It's our member registration system. There is a job on elance that ProgClub Pty Ltd will finance, apply if you're interested.