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This is the ProgClub news for the year 2020. Latest news goes on top.


ProgClub virtual Christmas party

Thanks to everyone who attended the virtual Christmas drinks this evening, lovely to see you all!

Some details:

Link: https://meet.jit.si/ProgClub2020
Advertised start time: 7:30 pm
Actual start time: 7 pm
Official end time: 10 pm

In attendance:

  • Thomas
  • Raz
  • CK & Alex
  • Bozic
  • John

Discussion points:

  • Who uses IRC? Where do you hang out?
  • What operating system on your primary workstation?
  • What software do you spend your day in?
  • CK asks: What is docker and why do I care?
  • Have you programmed anything this year? What languages?
  • How to implement a pessimistic lock with a relational database? (Consensus: use a timeout based system)
  • Do you still have an RSS aggregator?
  • Which news websites do you read?
  • Have you used powershell?
  • How do you do backups?
  • What search engine do you use?


Random screenshot:

ProgClub Christmas 2020.png


No birthday party this year

Due mostly to the COVID-19 situation ProgClub will not be celebrating its birthday this year. Hopefully we can see everyone at the Christmas Party.


Policy updates

The copyright policy has been updated, particularly to more clearly cover contributions from non-members.


Let's go 2020!

Can you believe it's the year 2020!? We're totally living in the future now baby!

There has been a little activity at the club lately. We've release v1.0 of our new project administration software svnman. And we're just getting ready to migrate John's bugslist program from his personal project to ProgClub.