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IPSec is a project to get IPSec working between hosts on the ProgClub network. For other projects see Projects.

Project status

Cancelled. Too hard. Didn't get IKE working with racoon, but that was no big deal, we only have three hosts so manual keying is no drama. Had SSH and HTTP connectivity after configuring MSS values of 200 in order to get IPSec packets through, prior to that they were being dropped; but couldn't get Kerberos connectivity. An MSS of 200 is really low, so there would have been perf issues. But, even an MSS of 100 wouldn't solve the Kerberos connectivity issue, so I give up.


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  • It'd be just dandy if we could get to the bottom of why it doesn't work


IPSec was configured on charity, hope and honesty, and by setting the MSS to 200 for each IP we were able to get SSH and HTTP connectivity (before that only ICMP echo traffic was getting though), but even the MSS hack didn't solve the Kerberos connectivity problem, so IPSec was abandoned. We trialed racoon, but that only made things worse (no connectivity).

Offers of help!

Come ask me (Zanchey) on irc://irc.ucc.asn.au/ucc some time. I've just spent the last week fiddling with IPsec at the University Computer Club in WA.