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Pcblog is the ProgClub blogging software. It's a fork of WordPress 3.2.1, with a custom theme compatible with Pcwiki's OldSkool. For other projects see Projects.

Project status

Released! WordPress is installed on Charity, and it's themed to look like OldSkool. Database has been setup on Charity too.


Members who have contributed to this project. Newest on top.

All contributors have agreed to the terms of the Contributor License Agreement. This excludes any upstream contributors who tend to have different administrative frameworks.

Upstream contributors:


Copyright 2011, Contributors. Licensed under the GPLv2.

Source code

The repository can be browsed online:


The code for pcblog is publicly available from svn:


Or privately available for read-write access:




Nothing to see here. It's done!


Stuff that's done. Latest stuff on top.

  • JE 2011-12-29: upgraded to WordPress 3.3.
  • JE 2011-08-06: Themed WordPress to look like OldSkool
  • JE 2011-08-06: Configured Apache with /blog URLs
  • JE 2011-08-06: Configured WordPress database on Charity
  • JE 2011-08-05: Released to pcblog and pcblog-dev.
  • JE 2011-08-05: Created pcblog project.
  • JE 2011-08-05: Downloaded WordPress 3.2.1.