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That's the programmers' club, not the programmer's club. The programmers' club: the club of programmers. Read all about plural and possessive -- but of course you already knew that, didn't you?

ProgClub is a club for computer programmers. Our club is sponsored by a software development company called Blackbrick. This means that ProgClub is free for members. We are an international club, existing on the Internet without boundaries. However, ProgClub was founded by, and is mostly comprised of, Australians; although we have a few international members. If you're from somewhere else you are of course more than welcome to join us -- we'd love to make friends with people from overseas. Unfortunately not many of us know languages other than English, so we speak English at ProgClub.

You can read about what we do or get up-to-date with our news or our blog. Then you can read our terms and conditions. Then you can register. Then you can have some fun using our member services, participate in our forums, and contribute to our free software projects.

Every programmer needs a good club!