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This page is about ProgClub member services. For information about ProgClub domains, see Domains. For information about hosts on the ProgClub network, see Machines. Check out our Projects to see what we're working on or our Forums to get in touch.


Most of our planned services are now operational. You need to register to be a ProgClub member in order to access a few of them, many are available to the general public.

Public services

Member services

Out-sourced services

The following services are available to ProgClub, but not provided by ProgClub.

  • Virtual machine provisioning (Now called "cloud". We use AWS and used to use Rackspace)
  • DNS hosting for your domain(s) (via Blackbrick)
  • An IRC server and chatroom (via FreeNode)

Planned services

There are presently no additional planned services. ProgClub already has all the services it plans to have. If you think there is something missing feel free to add it to our plans, we want to provide all the services our members and the general public are interested in.