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The ProgClub Comms Bonus is a payment of at least AU$200 off selected members' phone or internet bills. The idea is that we want to do what we can to help keep our most valuable members in communication so we'll make a contribution to their communications costs.

ProgClub receives $4,000 per annum from its sponsor Blackbrick. Half of this money is slated for members through the Comms Bonus scheme. The other half is reserved for expenses and for ad-hoc allocation to fund member projects.

The ProgClub Comms Bonus is given to up to five members every six months. The members who receive the award are selected by the Benevolent Dictator based on how much he or she thinks members have contributed over the preceding six month period to furthering the ProgClub mission.

The biannual prize pool is $1,000 and up to five members share the prize pool. If five members receive the award they each receive $200 off their communications bill. It's possible that less than five members are awarded the prize in a given period and in that case the prize pool is divided by the number of awarded members.

The award is given in January and July each year. Details of the scheme can change at any time, but if they do notice will be posted on the ProgClub announcement list and on the annual news page.

In order to be eligible for the ProgClub Comms Bonus you need to:

  • be an active registered member of ProgClub,
  • be selected by the Benevolent Dictator for the award,
  • have, and be prepared to disclose to ProgClub administrators, a B-Pay biller code and reference number that can be used to make a payment against your mobile, fixed line or internet account.

Who is nominated for the award is completely at the discretion of the current Benevolent Dictator and the person in that role can apply whatever criteria they like to the selection of members for the ProgClub Comms Bonus.

John is the current Benevolent Dictator and his process for the selection of winners is to look over the list of ProgClub members and ask if, over the applicable period, the member has:

  • been registered for the majority of the period
  • contributed (at all) to the general or programming mailing lists and how useful were their contributions (i.e. did they answer questions correctly, start interesting conversations, help or encourage anyone, etc.)
  • answered questions on the admin mailing list
  • done any system administration activity on the user or admin machines
  • contributed any articles to the ProgClub blog
  • contributed any documentation to the ProgClub wiki
  • contributed to their MemberNet or MobileNet websites
  • committed any code to the pcrepo version control system
  • contributed in any way to a ProgClub project (and which ones?)

So those are basically the questions asked. Then the list of nominations is based on how impressed John is by the answers to those questions.

That's everything there is to know about the ProgClub Comms Bonus scheme.


Members who have been awarded the ProgClub Comms Bonus are recorded here. Members are listed in member number order and the newest period is added to the top of the list.

Jul-Dec 2011