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This page provides information about ProgClub domains. For information about ProgClub member services, see services. For information about hosts on the ProgClub network, see machines. Check out our projects to see what we're working on or our forums to get in touch.



ProgClub has a few domain names:

The canonical user domain is and the canonical administrative domain is The canonical name for MemberNet is, the canonical name for MobileNet is and the canonical name for the ProgClub administrative web-site is You should generally use the appropriate canonical domain name when writing documentation or publishing links.

User domains


ProgClub operates a member services network called MemberNet. Part of MemberNet is MobileNet.

There is a MemberNet web-site with members' web content available here:

The following domains are registered for MemberNet:

To SSH to a MemberNet server use either:

$ ssh
$ ssh

You will get connected to one of the user machines. User machines are and

If you want to use the primary user machine,, you can just SSH to, e.g.:

$ ssh


ProgClub also operates a service called MobileNet. MobileNet is a part of MemberNet.

There is a MobileNet web-site with member's web content optimised for mobile devices available here:

The following domains are registered for MobileNet:

Administrative domains

The following domains are registered for administrative purposes:

The canonical admin domain is The wiki, blog and the pcrepo svn repository are available via these domains.

Administrators can access the admin server with:

$ ssh


$ ssh

Email domains

If you're a ProgClub member with a ProgClub email address you will find that it works for all of the following ProgClub domains, e.g.:

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