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A few dishevelled notes on things that it would be good to get done around here. Feel free to add stuff that you'd like to see done! As this page isn't complete you might like to swing by the projects page too.


See below for things that could use some attention. If you want to dive deep there is a Category:TODO. Technically projects which have outstanding tasks are in the TODO category, but all the projects aren't necessarily up-to-date. So that's one more thing to do!

Small jobs

Pcmnet: MemberNet home page

The MemberNet sidebar should be updated, see pcmnet.

Pccipher performance

There are some easy wins for performance improvements to pccipher#TODO (using serialization and JSON, potentially).

Pcphpjs: home page content

Need to update the home page (etc) for pcphpjs to talk about the future (and the past) now that is no more and they've gone crazy with semicolon free JavaScript. We're going to part ways (i.e. no more automated imports from upstream).

TODO categorisation

See the Category:TODO category for notes on how projects should indicate their Done/TODO status. Then review all our projects and make sure their categorisation is in order (it should be correct and be between the Tasks and TODO headings).

Software licensing

All projects should be reviewed and their licensing information updated and standardised. Rather than linking to licenses on this wiki, link to a copy on the FSF website. Don't actually change which licenses are used, just update the doco. Once that's done we can delete New BSD license, GNU General Public License and MIT license.

Medium jobs

Pcwebstats reporting

The pcwebstats project could use some love. Current reports are here: web stats. The utility should give better statistics than just 'max'. I.e. count, count distinct, min, max, mean, mode, median, stddev, etc.

Pcphpjs pagination

Jevan has been working on pagination for pcphpjs. Still some work to be done!

Project documentation standardisation

Initially projects used a very flat heading structure, but this was updated to a deeper structure in the latest project template. Old projects should be updated to use the latest layout standards.

Big jobs


It'd be great to make some progress with progclub.js, but that's a very complicated project (and less relevant now that phpjs has migrated to locutus).

The great migration

Our servers charity, honesty, and hope are out of date and need to be replaced this year (2016). We need to migrate all ProgClub services to replacement systems. That's gonna be fun.