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This page provides information about machines on the ProgClub network. See future machine names if you need to name a new machine. For information about ProgClub domains, see domains. For information about member services, see services. For information about administering ProgClub assets see the administrative reference. Check out our projects to see what we're working on or our forums to get in touch.


User machines

The current user machine (for MemberNet and MobileNet) is:

The old user machines have been decommissioned:

Administrative machines

The current admin machine is:

The old admin machine was decommissioned:

Explanation of classification scheme

ProgClub classifies its machines as either user machines or administrative machines.

User machines are systems that ProgClub members can log into for programming or account usage purposes. Member web-pages are available via user machines. The user machines comprise what we call ProgClub MemberNet, our member services network.

Administrative machines are systems that are used to provide administrative services such as the ProgClub web-site, email, administrative databases, and other services.

The canonical domain for user machines on MemberNet is, whereas the canonical domain for administrative machines is The reverse DNS lookup for hosts on the ProgClub network should use the appropriate canonical domain when possible. It is generally best to use the canonical domain names, however you can use other domain names as explained in domains.

A note on virtualisation

The first generation of ProgClub machines were virtual machines provided by Rackspace (formerly Slicehost). They were hosted in a data-center in Chicago (called the "ORD' data center).

The second generation of ProgClub systems are virtual machines provided by AWS. There are hosted in a data-center in Sydney (called "ap-southeast-2").

If you're experiencing capacity issues with any of ProgClub's machines get in contact with John and we can look at system upgrades.