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We have a news page because the [[Forums|other forums]] can tend to be a little chatty and irrelevant -- ''as they should be''. Latest news goes on top.
We have a news page because the [[Forums|other forums]] can tend to be a little chatty and irrelevant -- ''as they should be''.
= 2011-08-12 =
= News by year =
== progclub.com live ==
* [[2021 news]]
* [[2020 news]]
* [[2019 news]]
* [[2018 news]]
* [[2017 news]]
* [[2016 news]]
* [[2015 news]]
* [[2014 news]]
* [[2013 news]]
* [[2012 news]]
* [[2011 news]]
It's official, ProgClub has [http://progclub.com/ progclub.com]! It's now a functional [[Domains#Administrative_domains|administrative domain]] of the club's. We've registered and re-delegated the domain, and it's ours for at least the next 5 years. There might be a slight delay in DNS record propagation, but disregarding that everything else is configured and ready to roll. Thanks very much [[ProgRock|ProgClub]]!
= Policy updates =
= 2011-08-11 =
* [[2020_news#Policy_updates|2020-03-03]]
* [[2017_news#Policy_updates|2017-12-11]]
== Administration pages protected ==
* [[2015_news#Policy_updates|2015-01-04]]
* [[2014_news#Policy_updates|2014-06-07]]
The various ProgClub administration pages, such as the [[Executive]], [[Constitution]], and [[ProgClub:Policy|Terms and conditions]], etc., have been flagged as "protected" in the wiki. Only ProgClub wiki administrators (i.e. [[User:John|John]]) are allowed to change these documents. So, we won't have any silly business with our constitution or policies being re-written by spammers or trolls.
* [[2012_news#Policy_updates|2012-01-27]]
* [[2011_news#Policy_updates|2011-12-25]]
== Copyrights, licenses, etc. ==
* [[2011_news#Policy_updates_2|2011-11-24]]
* [[2011_news#Policy_updates_3|2011-09-03]]
Each [[Projects|ProgClub project]] now has Contributors and Copyright sections that detail the copyright holders and licensing terms for the project. It all seems [[Projects|very professional]]! So far we're using the [[New BSD]] and [[GPL]] (v2) licenses, and I think that's pretty much all we're ever gonna need. Maybe one day we'll see the LGPL or MIT licenses too. The [[ProgClub:Copyrights|Copyright policy]] covers contributions to ProgClub [[forums]] and [[projects]].
* [[2011_news#Policy_updates_4|2011-08-22]]
* [[2011_news#Policy_updates_5|2011-08-15]]
== Policy updates ==
* [[2011_news#Policy_updates_6|2011-08-11]]
* [[2011_news#Policy_updates_7|2011-08-09]]
[[Mailing lists]] have been incorporated as a policy in the [[ProgClub:Policy|terms and conditions]]. The [[ProgClub:Copyrights#ProgClub_projects|CLA]] in the [[ProgClub:Copyrights|Copyright policy]] was updated to cover use of ProgClub [[forums]]. The [[ProgClub:Copyrights#ProgClub_forums|ProgClub forums copyright policy]] was updated to allow for copying from public domain or similar free sources. Looking forward to the day that our policies are stable!
* [[2011_news#Policy_updates_8|2011-08-08]]
* [[2011_news#Policy_updates_9|2011-08-07]]
== Project template ==
There's a [[Project template]] that can be used for kick-starting a project along with some [[Projects#Contributing_to_ProgClub_projects|instructions]] on the [[Projects]] page. Now what we need are lots of started and never to be finished projects! (Hey, ProgClub has finished ''four'' projects, cancelled only one, have three under active development, and two on the back-burner. Not bad at all! Here at ProgClub we ''get things done''!)
= 2011-08-10 =
== Pcwiki release ==
I updated the [[Pcwiki]] page with a [[Pcwiki#Notes_for_implementers|Notes for implementers]] section, and [http://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/wikitech-l/2011-August/054561.html posted] to the [http://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/wikitech-l/ wikitech-l] list about my mods to MediaWiki. It'd be pretty exciting if they're interested in them!
Update: no-one is particularly interested in my contributions. :(
= 2011-08-09 =
== System upgrades ==
[[Charity]] has been upgraded from 256 MB of RAM to 512 MB of RAM, and system backups have been enabled. This has had a noticeable effect on performance of the web-site. It will be upgraded further if swap usage gets out of hand again. The other machines will be upgraded too if need be. At the moment provisioning of ProgClub machines is costing Blackbrick $996 per year.
== IPSec troubleshooting ==
I've been talking to Slicehost support about the [[IPSec]] issues we've been having. They've been great -- very helpful. They're looking into trying to reproduce the error in another environment for further diagnosis. Will keep you posted if there's any resolution.
Update: Slicehost was able to reproduce the error, but they don't know how to fix it. We're giving up. We'll pursue other methods of encryption, i.e., SSHFS rather than NFS+IPSec.
== Policy updates ==
Still trying to get our policies right. I imagine this will all settle down a little once we're established and I won't need to post a notice of policy updates every day. There is now a general [[ProgClub:Policy|terms and conditions]] page which introduces all ProgClub terms and conditions, and there was a minor update to the CLA in the [[ProgClub:Copyrights|copyright policy]]. All policies had some minor modifications to fix up the formatting.
== Pcwiki upgrade ==
[[Pcwiki]] has been upgraded to support a section link on each section. These appear between the 'edit' and 'top' links. Section links will link you to a particular section on the canonical URL.
== Pcldap released ==
A new project [[Pcldap]] has been released. It's to provide the [https://www.progclub.org/pcldap LDAP administration] facility.
= 2011-08-08 =
== Cweb planning ==
A new project, to develop a distributed search engine, has entered its planning phase on the ProgClub wiki. See [[Cweb]].
== Policy updates ==
All ProgClub [[ProgClub:Policy|policies]] have been updated.
= 2011-08-07 =
== LDAP progress ==
Progress has been made on the LDAP configuration of [[Charity]]. OpenLDAP is now installed and mostly configured. Thanks Friggles!
== Policy updates ==
A [[ProgClub:Copyrights|copyright policy]] and a [[ProgClub:General_disclaimer|general disclaimer]] have been added to ProgClub's [[ProgClub:Policy|policies]].
= 2011-08-06 =
== Software released ==
The [[Pcma]] and [[Pcblog]] projects have been released, and moved to the [[Projects#Completed_projects|completed projects]] list. Which means...
== We have a blog! ==
A [http://www.progclub.org/blog/ blog] is now available for ProgClub members. If a blog post falls in the woods, and there's no-one there to read it, does it make a sound?
== ProgSoc fixed HTTPS ==
HTTPS to [https://www.progsoc.org ProgSoc] now works for its .org domain, so I've moved [[Why_ProgClub_is_cooler_than_ProgSoc#ProgClub_has_a_secure_web-site|secure web-site]] to the redundant points of difference. Well done ProgSoc.
== ProgClub logo ==
Our graphic artist is hard at work coming up with our real logo. Here's his first sketch.
[[File:Logo sketch.jpg]]
= 2011-08-05 =
== IPSec abandoned ==
[[IPSec]] is too hard. It was getting in the way of [[Kerberos]] connectivity, and I've disabled it.
== Kerberos configured ==
The [[Kerberos]] project has been a success. [[Charity]] is now configured as the Kerberos Key Distribution Centre (KDC). We're now pending Kerberos SSH integration, and a few other things for [[Single sign-on]].
== ProgRock ==
We're still waiting for our new progclub.com domain -- it's expected to be about a week off completing transfer -- but we've already mirrored the [http://www.progclub.org/progrock/ progclub.com] web-site, and put up a [[ProgRock]] page for antiquity.
== New members ==
ProgClub welcomes Sclaughl and Jedd. More information available on the [[Members]] page.
= 2011-08-03 =
== progclub.com ==
Blackbrick has shelled out $500 for the [http://www.progclub.com/ progclub.com] domain. Soon it will be an [[Domains#Administrative_domains|administrative domain]] of the club's! Thank you [[ProgRock|ProgClub]]!
== Email underway ==
We're starting up our [[Email]] project. Soon our email facilities will be functional.
== Hack-fest this weekend! ==
[[User:Friggles|Friggles]] will be heading to [[User:John|John]]'s house in the Blue Mountains this weekend to work on ProgClub [[Network administration]]. Join us if you'd like!
= 2011-08-01 =
== ProgClub policies ==
ProgClub has updated [[ProgClub:Privacy_policy|Privacy]], [[Account locking policy|Account locking]], [[Acceptable use policy|Acceptable use]] and [[Firewall policy|Firewall]] policies.
== Domains are now configured ==
Information about the configuration of ProgClub domains is now available on the [[Domains]] page.
In brief, user domains are progclub.net and progclub.co, while administrative domains are progclub.org and progclub.info. The canonical user domain is progclub.net, and the canonical administrative domain is progclub.org. You should generally use the canonical name when writing documentation or publishing links.
== IPSec is configured ==
The [[IPSec]] project is essentially complete. Hosts on the ProgClub network now communicate over encrypted connections.
== Single sign-on is underway ==
The [[Single sign-on]] project has been commenced. Soon users will be able to login to the user machines.
== Pcwiki released ==
The [[Pcwiki]] project has undergone several releases. That's the software that's driving the ProgClub wiki. With the latest version of [[Pcwiki]] comes valid HTML5 along with the validation icon that you can see on the bottom of every page, the cool green/orange/black fixed-width font skin that you see (called OldSkool), and some other [[Pcwiki#Done|minor polish]]. If you don't like the OldSkool skin you can [[Skins|turn it off]].
== New members ==
ProgClub has had its founding members sign up. ProgClub welcomes Tasaio, SanguineV, Key, Friggles, Jav, Andymcm and Kulov. More information is available on the [[Members]] page.

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